Improving health, transforming care and disrupting inequitable systems 

through the Centering group model

Centering Healthcare Institute imagines a U.S. healthcare system that offers not just medical interventions, but combats isolation and builds communities, empowers and educates patients, and serves as a partner to connect the most vulnerable with resources that contribute to overall health. We are driven to create a future where the risk of preterm birth, the inequities of Black women dying from pregnancy related causes and the disparities in early childhood are greatly reduced - so that every child has the potential to enjoy future life chances, social and economic opportunities and overall well-being.

When we expand the healthcare visit to include parental learning and connection, we can have a profound impact on health outcomes and increase the chances each family has to thrive.

CHI is transforming healthcare delivery and outcomes for all families, beginning with pregnancy and early childhood, by expanding access to our evidence-based framework for billable group medical visits. With over two decades of experience, CHI has successfully scaled Centering to 560 healthcare practices serving 70,000 families nationwide. 

Recent Update: Go LIVE For Equity featuring Dr. Margaret Larkins -Pettigrew

View the lively discussion with Dr. Margaret Larkins-Pettigrew, of University Hospitals and Case Western Reserve University and CHI Board of Directors member, as she talks about racism as a public health crisis, the racial maternal and infant mortality gap and her experience as a woman of color in healthcare. Hosted by Margaret Mitchell, President and CEO of the YWCA Greater Cleveland, as part of the Go LIVE for Equity series.

COVID-19 and Centering

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Our data shows 97% of patients are “highly satisfied” by their Centering experience. Ask your healthcare provider if they offer Centering group care.



Centering is holistic, relationship-based care that offers more time with patients and strengthens patient-provider relationships to build healthier communities with better outcomes.

Want to bring Centering to your practice? We're here to help you every step of the way.



We are grateful to be in collaboration and supported by world-class partners. Join us and together we will continue to lead the change.

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