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Our mission is to improve health by transforming care through Centering groups

Centering Healthcare Institute partners with over 585 Centering® practice sites

Centering Healthcare Institute is a non-profit organization that works closely with healthcare providers from all sectors to change healthcare. With over two decades of experience as the go-to resource for group care, we’ve developed and sustained the Centering model in more than 585 practice sites and in some of the largest health systems in the world.

Centering® facilitation training

We Offer

  • Implementation support for system change
  • Training in group facilitation and group care
  • Site approval for model fidelity and quality assurance
  • Practice management and support tools including CenteringCounts™ data collection and reporting
  • Curriculum materials and supplies that support providers and patients
Sharon Rising, 1994, Waterbury Hospital, CT

Our History

Centering started in the 1990’s as one healthcare provider’s idea to provide more effective prenatal care to her patients. Instead of repeating the same information over and over to women one at a time, our founder, Sharon Rising, brought pregnant women together for their prenatal visits. Colleagues who learned about her groups started doing it too, and through word of mouth the demand grew for Centering facilitation trainings across the country.

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