Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Centering

Information for Centering Sites

There is no higher priority to the Centering Healthcare Institute (CHI) team than the health and safety of our staff, healthcare partners and Centering families across the country. We appreciate that you are on the front lines and are grateful for the many ways each of you are caring for your communities. We are committed to closely monitoring the latest updates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and public health experts, communicating openly with you and doing everything we can to support your Centering practice.

Group Care and COVID-19

The decisions about how to provide prenatal and well-child care in these uncertain times are complex. We wanted to make sure that everyone is aware of the CDC guidance related to groups and minimizing the chance for exposures. CHI recognizes that some of our partners may determine the best course, for now, is to pause groups. Others are continuing, employing a variety of strategies to keep patients safe and feeling calm and connected.

We urge Centering sites to follow clinical and general guidelines from the CDC, local governments, health experts and state health departments. The CDC is updating its information daily and we encourage you to continually check it's website for the most recent updates regarding direction, information and response guidelines on COVID-19.

Support for Centering Sites

CHI recognizes the impact this pandemic is having on your clinics and Centering groups. You have to alter the way you deliver care across the board, including how to continue routine care delivery, and deal with budget and resource adjustments during this crisis. Here are some of the ways in which we are supporting our partners:

1-on-1 Time with Centering Advisors at No Cost

Our Practice Transformation team is meeting regularly to share best practices and is here to help you explore the decisions that are right for your practice. Our effort is to provide thought partnership and help facilitate conversations around the challenges you are facing relating to Centering groups during the COVID-19 spread, as you discern what may be best for your clinic. These sessions will be with a member of CHI’s Implementation Advisor team, whose time is generally only available to practices engaged in a Centering Implementation Plan. Our Advisor team has considerable experience in clinical settings and public health agencies and can provide a valuable perspective for our Centering partners. We encourage you to reach out and schedule an appointment here.

Centering via Telehealth

Recognizing the need and desire to continue Centering via telehealth, CHI developed resources and guidance to enable Centering practices enhance or establish telehealth capabilities at their clinic. As part of our response, we offered telehealth grants ranging from $1,000 - $7,000 to support sites interested in continuing group care virtually with the goal to help keep patients and groups connected until they can meet in-person once again. A total of 48 grants were awarded.

Additionally, CHI has developed guidance on adapting the Centering curricula to a virtual format and has been leading sessions since April 9, 2020 to share examples and inspiration. The intention of these demonstrations is to walk you through what a virtual Centering group might look like. We will be providing guidance on ideas for facilitating engaging groups with welcoming openings, interactive learning activities, mindfulness, lots of community building and even the private 1:1 assessment time. Register for upcoming sessions here. We will continue to offer these based on demand.

Strength from the Centering Family

You have heard us say before that “wisdom comes from the group.” We are offering a few ways for sites to connect and share their best practices, challenges and learnings during this time.

Centering Community Comes Together Vs. COVID-19: Continuing the Conversation

Join us at these Circle Ups that will be held bi-weekly to discuss challenges, share best practices, find solutions and offer resources to support sites as they navigate the impact of COVID-19. Please register here.

Share on CenteringConnects

Our COVID-19 board on CenteringConnects is another great tool where we can connect, ask questions and share learnings and resources with the larger Centering community.

Updated CHI Events, Workshops and Registration Policy

We know that flexibility is what our partners are looking for right now. We have adjusted our workshop registration and refund policies. CHI has currently canceled all in-person events and workshops until September 30th, 2020. Please contact our Site Support team for any questions related to workshop cancellation and refunds.

2020 Renewal Rates Delayed

CHI is delaying the implementation of the new licensing fee schedule from July 1, 2020 to January 1, 2021. All annual site licenses and in-house training licenses will renew in 2020 at 2019 rates. The previously announced 2020 rates will apply on or after January 2021. Please reach out to your Technical Assistance Manager for any questions.

Given the evolving nature of the pandemic, we will carefully reassess the situation in the coming weeks and share updates as they become available. We remain committed to supporting and accommodating the needs of our Centering practices during this time.


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