Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Centering

Information for Centering Sites

For the past few months, our Centering partners have dealt with complex decisions about providing prenatal and well child care including adapting new ways of care delivery. We recognize that for some, this meant to pause groups for now. We were also humbled and encouraged to hear that many of our Centering partners were eager to start and continue virtual Centering groups.

In our effort to be a strong partner, CHI developed resources and guidance to enable sites transition groups to a virtual format using a variety of telehealth options. CHI is excited to see some of you forge ahead with adaptations to bring Centering to your patients helping them feel safe, calm and connected.

We are proud and amazed to witness the resilience and determination of this community and will continue to support you, regardless of the status of your groups, as you navigate through this time.

 Support for Centering Sites

Adapting Centering Groups to a Virtual Format

We offer guidance sessions that demonstrate and share creative and fun ways to adapt the Centering curricula to a virtual group format. We’ll be using Zoom and will walk through ideas for facilitating engaging groups with welcoming openings, interactive learning activities, mindfulness, lots of community building and even the private 1:1 assessment time. We will continue to offer these based on demand. 

Digital Resources for Virtual Groups

CHI brings resources that will help you launch Centering via telehealth platforms of your choice. Our goal is to provide you with additional tools that will help facilitate, guide and run your virtual Centering groups more efficiently. These resources are available on the CHI portal for no charge.

Community Conversations

Join the CHI team and practices from across the country as we continue to discuss best practices, challenges and creative approaches to support sites navigate the impact of the COVID-19 crisis.

Additional Announcements

Centering via Telehealth

Recognizing the need and desire to continue Centering via telehealth, CHI developed resources and guidance to enable Centering practices enhance or establish telehealth capabilities at their clinic. As part of our response, we offered telehealth grants ranging from $1,000 - $7,000 to support sites interested in continuing group care virtually with the goal to help keep patients and groups connected until they can meet in-person once again. A total of 48 grants were awarded. 

Updated CHI Events, Workshops and Registration Policy

CHI has currently canceled all in-person events and workshops through the end of 2020. Please contact our Site Support team for any questions related to workshop cancellation and refunds.

2020 Renewal Rates Delayed

CHI is delaying the implementation of the new licensing fee schedule from July 1, 2020 to January 1, 2021. All annual site licenses and in-house training licenses will renew in 2020 at 2019 rates. The previously announced 2020 rates will apply on or after January 2021. Please reach out to your Technical Assistance Manager for any questions.


Share on CenteringConnects

Our COVID-19 board on CenteringConnects is another great tool where we can connect, ask questions and share learnings and resources with the larger Centering community.

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