Caring for the Caregiver: Mindfulness Practices to Support You

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Webinar Caring for the Caregiver: Mindfulness Practices to Support You

People in caregiving roles often put their own needs second to whomever they are serving. Feeling overwhelmed can affect our internal systems in ways that compromise our physical, mental and emotional health. Taking time for your own self-care is essential. In this Circle Up, we will discuss the impact of caregiver fatigue on the nervous system. You will learn simple mindfulness practices that you can incorporate throughout your day and tools to support yourself during times of stress at work, in groups and in your daily life.

Our guest facilitator, Chia-Ti Chiu, has been teaching yoga and trauma conscious mindfulness internationally and in NYC for over 16 years to elders, adults and incarcerated youth. Chia-Ti leads trainings that are focused on the intersection of mindfulness, social justice, trauma and resiliency for the Lineage Project and Garrison Institute. She has also developed and currently runs a community arts program and school fund at Hopital Adventiste d'Haiti in Port-au-Prince, Chia-Ti believes strongly in the power of healing and growth through self-care and co-care practices. For more information, please visit her website: and IG: @onelovewellness

Best if you can have your cameras on for this Circle Up. If you do not have video capability on your clinic computer, you can easily download Zoom to your laptop, tablet or mobile phone. It only takes a few moments and we appreciate you being present with us on this Circle Up.

Date / Time Friday April 19, 2019
1:00pm – 2:00pm Eastern

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