Facilitating Intimate Partner Violence Discussions

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Webinar Facilitating Intimate Partner Violence Discussions

We hear that intimate partner violence is one of the hardest topics to facilitate in Centering groups. Many facilitators report that they do not feel prepared when it comes up organically in groups. Please join Katherine McGuiness, CHI staff, to explore strategies and tactics to help facilitators be more prepared and grounded to lead discussions around family violence.

Katherine McGuiness, MPH, MSW is a Centering Implementation Advisor based out of Portland, Oregon. Previously, she worked in public health at the state and county level, led a healthcare access non-profit, and was a domestic violence counselor. She also teaches classes at the Portland State University Graduate School of Social Work and does organizing and activism work in her local community and on a national level.

Circle Ups are virtual gatherings for Centering professionals. We have found that the discussions are more engaging and productive when every participant joins in from a video capable computer or mobile device. If you don't have video capability on your computer, you can download Zoom to your cell phone or tablet. Thank you.

Date / Time Tuesday March 24, 2020
3:30pm – 4:30pm Eastern
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