Reach Out and Read & CenteringParenting

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Webinar Reach Out and Read & CenteringParenting

Enrich your families' CenteringParenting experience and improve health outcomes by incorporating Reach Out and Read into CenteringParenting sessions!  Featuring Linda Gort, Family Medicine CRNP at Union Community Care in PA and Dr. Dorothy Tran, Family Medicine DO at Atrium Health in NC.  The evidence shows that families participating in Reach Out and Read read more frequently to their children, children have higher receptive and expressive language scores, increased exposure leads to larger increases in language scores and children have higher scores on the Home Literacy Orientation.

Please join us on-camera if possible.  Circle Ups are not your typical webinar, think of Circle Ups as Centering for Centering staff! We aim to make these sessions interactive and relevant to what is important to the group in the moment. If you don’t have video capability, you can join via phone. Circle Ups are recorded and available on the CHI web portal for later viewing.

Date / Time Thursday May 27, 2021
12:00pm – 1:00pm Eastern
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