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Changing healthcare practice from individual visits to group care is a big undertaking. It is important to fully understand the changes and carefully consider what's needed for successful implementation and long-term sustainability.

This one-day seminar provides information about the Centering model of group health care and walks through the steps of implementation of the model into clinical practice.


  • Centering group care model overview
  • Facilitative leadership as a way to improve patient education and engagement
  • Site readiness assessment for Centering
  • Key components for implementing group care into practice
  • Evaluation as a tool for sustainability and outcomes measurement
  • System change needs


This one-day seminar is intended for individuals who are curious to learn more about Centering, implementation options, and how group care could fit within their practice and organization. Participants include clinical practice teams, clinical agencies, advocacy organizations and funders.

It is recommended that a team of three to four individuals from a practice attend this session to understand the readiness components, implementation process and potential fit for their organization. This team might include a senior administrator, clinic manager, care provider and support staff such as a nurse or medical assistant. Other team members may include an educator, social worker or patient advocate.

6.25 Credit hours (.625 CEUs)

Cost and Planning

This seminar may be arranged for groups in your area. Typically a convener such as a health plan, large healthcare system, advocacy group or funder will host an Information Seminar as a way to promote Centering to interested practice sites.

Contact Centering Healthcare Institute for information about offering a seminar.

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