Announcing CHI Certification Recognition for Centering Facilitators

Certification for facilitators, site Accreditation, and CenteringCounts online data collection are tools offered to our partners as part of CHI's robust commitment to quality and excellence. As the national standards organization for Centering group healthcare, CHI strives to support clinical sites and providers toward continuous evaluation and outcome improvement.

The Centering Healthcare Institute Certification is a unique opportunity for facilitators to be recognized for their expertise, experience and personal investment to providing extraordinary care in a Centering group visit. Affordable and achievable for facilitators of all levels, this accreditation is valuable for providers, clinical and non-clinical staff.

For the healthcare system, CHI Certification is another measure of quality and model fidelity which are essential to sustainability. When facilitators achieve this recognition it reinforces that your practice is affiliated with an evidence-based model of group care.

CHI is offering two levels of Certification:

Certified Centering Facilitator (CCF)

The Certified Centering Facilitator (CCF) is available for individuals who have demonstrated a commitment to leading extraordinary Centering groups.

To achieve the CCF credential individuals must successfully complete:

  • CHI Basic Facilitation Workshop
  • CHI Advanced Facilitation Workshop (within 3 years of application)
  • Minimum of 80 session hours of Centering group facilitation
  • Online application and pay application and Certification fees
  • Online exam
  • And receive endorsements from two people familiar with their facilitation skills

The cost of the CCF Certification is $149.00 and it is valid for three years. Included in this cost is a non-refundable $25.00 application fee.

Click here to get started with your CCF application

Certified Centering Facilitation Trainer (CCFT)

The Certified Centering Facilitation Trainer (CCFT) is available for individuals who are engaged at Accredited Centering sites and are seeking in-house training capabilities. Intended for highly experienced and successful Centering facilitators, this certification requires completion of individual milestones and a commitment from their healthcare system.

CCFT applicants must:

  • Be currently affiliated with an Accredited Centering practice
  • Successfully complete all of the CCF requirements
  • Complete a minimum of 180 session hours of Centering group facilitation
  • Receive endorsements from two people familiar with their facilitation skills
  • Participate in a small group virtual meeting led by CHI staff
  • Successfully complete the three day CCFT workshop (In-House Trainer Preparation)
  • Submit online application and payment of application and Certification fees

The CCFT Certification is valid for three years. There is a non-refundable $25.00 application fee to get started. The sponsoring Centering practice site must have a current Centering license, achieved CHI Accreditation status and have a current In-House Training license agreement in place before the CCFT workshop.

Click here to get started with your CCFT application

Curious to learn more? We encourage you to join the conversation on CenteringConnects and to register to attend one of our upcoming information sessions.

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