Grant Opportunities

The Centering Healthcare Institute (CHI) has launched an aggressive plan to expandaccess to the Centering model of group healthcare in the communities where group care can have the greatest impact. With the help of funding partners, we have the following grants available.

Open Grants

CHI Implementation Grant

CHI has developed a program offering technical assistance and implementation services - primarily in FQHCs and community health centers - eliminating the financial barrier to those in resource-limited communities. With the generous help of The Valhalla Charitable Foundation, CHI is able to offer services to 130 eligible sites over a period of two years.

New York City Expansion and Support Grant

The Centering Healthcare Institute (CHI) along with the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH) of New York City, are joining efforts to expand access to the Centering model of group prenatal care. This project focuses on developing and supporting Centering practices within those zip codes reporting the highest incidence of poor birth and maternal health outcomes.

Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield Foundation Grant for Missouri

The Centering Healthcare Institute (CHI) and Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield Foundation are partnering to expand the CenteringPregnancy® model of group prenatal care into three new practices in St. Louis and Springfield, MO as an effort to curb the high rate of low birthweight babies.

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