Centering is the answer to many healthcare challenges

We work with healthcare practices all over the world to support customized Centering approaches to group care in developing and developed nations


We partner with a number of practices to pilot Centering models for diabetes care and management. Patients come together to meet with their healthcare provider and develop a community that shares information and supports each other in living a healthier lifestyle. They talk about the challenges and triumphs that come with managing a serious chronic illness.


CenteringPregnancy has a growing international presence in developed and developing nations. We have supported sites from the Netherlands to Malawi to Brazil. In each case, Centering is adapted to meet the needs of the community while combining healthcare, interactive learning, and community building. We are committed to providing access to Centering so that women around the world, regardless of resources, have access to the best prenatal care possible.

Centering is the solution

We are experts on Centering and you are an expert on the needs of your community. We have worked with sites to pilot Centering for many different health conditions – breast cancer, menopause, oral health, and many others. We believe that Centering is the answer for many of the challenges facing health systems today.

Share your innovative ideas with us!

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