Centering Practices

Dimock Health Center (Boston, MA)

Statewide Networks

We support local Centering communities to improve practice and advocate for payment reform and other meaningful policy change.

CenteringCounts ™

CenteringCounts is a data system that helps Centering practice sites measure their impact on health, patient and provider satisfaction, and maintain fidelity to the Centering model.

CenteringConnects ™ Online Community

CenteringConnects is your virtual Centering community. Share group facilitation tips, learn about Centering events in your area, and so much more.

Providers and patients love Centering!

North Dakota - Outstanding Rural Health Program: CenteringPregnancy

TCNY 2020 | Group Prenatal Programs Promote Healthy Childhoods

Ciara's Story | The Kraft Center for Community Health

Kaiser Waipio Centering Pregnancy

LSU Centering

CenteringPregnancy Einstein Health

Fated Friendship - South Dakota on Purpose

Kaiser Permanente Centering Pregnancy - San Jose

Interested in starting a Centering network or joining one near you?

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