Centering Practices

Dimock Health Center (Boston, MA)

Statewide Networks

We support local Centering communities to improve practice and advocate for payment reform and other meaningful policy change.

CenteringCounts ™

CenteringCounts is a data system that helps Centering practice sites measure their impact on health, patient and provider satisfaction, and maintain fidelity to the Centering model.

CenteringConnects ™ Online Community

CenteringConnects is your virtual Centering community. Share group facilitation tips, learn about Centering events in your area, and so much more.

Providers and patients love Centering!

Centering at Ochsner St. Charles Clinic Uptown

North Dakota - Outstanding Rural Health Program: CenteringPregnancy

TCNY 2020 | Group Prenatal Programs Promote Healthy Childhoods

Ciara's Story | The Kraft Center for Community Health

Kaiser Waipio Centering Pregnancy

LSU Centering

CenteringPregnancy Einstein Health

Fated Friendship - South Dakota on Purpose

Kaiser Permanente Centering Pregnancy - San Jose

Interested in starting a Centering network or joining one near you?

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