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Issue Brief

How CenteringPregnancy can Support Birth Equity

The U.S. faces a crisis of high maternal and infant mortality rates, with Black women at 3 to 4 times the risk as White women of death from pregnancy-related causes. Black infants have more than twice the rate of infant mortality as non-Hispanic White babies.

CenteringPregnancy is one of the interventions shown to improve outcomes and reduce preterm birth particularly for Black women.

White Paper

Aligning Value-Based Payment with CenteringPregnancy

Evidence suggests CenteringPregnancy reduces costs, improves outcomes and leads to high satisfaction. This holistic model can be sustainably financed along the continuum of value-based payment using a variety of approaches. In Medicaid, the largest payer for maternity care, states have the opportunity to offer CenteringPregnancy to more women as part of their emerging payment and delivery system reforms.

CSSP Report

CenteringParenting Recognized as Innovative Pediatric Intervention

"Fostering Social and Emotional Health: Common Threads to Transform Everyday Practice and System" a report from the Center for the Study of Social Policy, highlights CenteringParenting as an intervention that changes the way families experience care. The report cites CenteringParenting creates opportunities for families to connect; nurturing parents’ competence and confidence and impacting children’s healthy social and emotional development.


Over 100 Published Studies and Peer-Reviewed articles

Centering research indicates dramatic improvements in maternal child health outcomes, enhancing the field’s goals for cost savings and better health. Stay up-to-date with current Centering research.

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