Participants often share that “aha moment” in our workshops when they experience how this methodology truly changes the way we deliver care. Centering facilitation workshops are a key ingredient of your success.

Our trainings provide guidance on facilitating group discussion, engaging patients in their own care, and the Essential Elements of Centering. Participants who successfully complete Centering Healthcare Institute’s training workshops and seminars, are eligible to receive continuing education credits (CME or CEU) effective March 1, 2019.

The magic of Centering stems from skillful and savvy group facilitation. This engaging two-day workshop will prepare you to launch your first group and gain confidence in your facilitative leadership through a variety of skill-building and interactive learning activities.

13.50 Credit Hours (CME)  

12 Credit Hours (1.2 CEUs)

$850 / person

Love your Centering groups? Ready to take your facilitation skills to the next level? Or, do you find yourself struggling with your own facilitative leadership and need some fresh ideas and energy to bring to your Centering groups? Join a small group of seasoned Centering facilitators for a one-day interactive learning experience. 

7.25 Credit Hours (CME)

7 Credit Hours (0.7 CEUs)

$700 / person

If you are faced with an ever-growing list of providers and staff who are excited to lead Centering groups but can't get to a workshop; you’re overseeing an active residency program; or are struggling with high staff turnover and limited budgets, your health center should consider this in-house training alternative. 

20.25 Credit Hours (CME)

21.5 Credit Hours (2.15 CEUs)

$1500 / person

Changing healthcare practice from individual visits to group care is a big undertaking. It is important to fully understand the changes and carefully consider what's needed for successful implementation and long-term sustainability.

Come join us for an engaging 1-day seminar to learn more about Centering group care.

6.75 Credit Hours (CMEs)

6.25 Credit Hours (0.625 CEUs)

$3000 | for up to 25 attendees

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