View Dates Advanced Facilitation Workshop

Love your Centering groups? Ready to take your facilitation skills to the next level? Or, do you find yourself struggling with your own facilitative leadership and need some fresh ideas and energy to bring to your Centering groups? 

Join a small group of seasoned Centering facilitators for a one-day interactive learning experience. You’ll explore new facilitative approaches to difficult topics, conversations and other group challenges, based on your own personal experience. You'll be inspired by new openings, activities, mindfulness exercises and closings. You'll have the opportunity to identify and develop strategies that address specific challenges in your CenteringPregnancy, CenteringParenting and CenteringHealthcare groups. You'll explore strategies for enhancing your co-facilitation "dance" with others. 

A health equity lens is woven throughout the Advanced Facilitation workshop. And similar to a Centering group, you'll benefit from the wisdom and experiences of other experienced workshop participants. 


We welcome facilitators from licensed sites who have attended a Basic Facilitation Workshop and have facilitated a minimum of 20 hours of Centering groups. Successful completion of the Advanced Facilitation Workshop is a requirement for CHI Certification. 

All participants should select their Centering Facilitator's Guides (CenteringPregnancy, CenteringParenting and CenteringHealthcare) when registering. 

 7 Credit hours (.7 CEUs)

If you are not part of a licensed Centering site and are interested in this workshop, please contact us at or 857-284-7570.


$700 / person

(This fee includes one full day of discussion, experiential learning and skills development led by an experienced CHI Consultant. Participants will receive one copy of the Centering Facilitator’s Guide. You can request additional copies of Facilitator's Guides (CenteringPregnancy, CenteringParenting and CenteringHealthcare) in the pulldown option below, for an additional $50.00 per selection. Breakfast and lunch are provided.)
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