CCFT (In-House Trainer Preparation) Workshop

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Workshop CCFT (In-House Trainer Preparation) Workshop
Dates Monday December 10, 2018 – Wednesday December 12, 2018
Availability Only 5 spots left
Location 89 South St
Boston, MA 02111
Price $1,500.00 / person
(This fee includes three full days of discussion and experiential learning led by a master level CHI Consultant. Participants will have an option to select their Centering Facilitator’s Guide(s) and additional leader materials will be provided. Breakfast and lunch are provided, and all participants are invited to meet the CHI staff at a special evening reception.)
Credit Hours 21.5 Credit Hours (2.15 CEUs)
Additional Info

Individuals interested in attending this workshop must have attained the Certified Centering Facilitator (CCF) recognition and successfully meet the requirements to become a Certified Centering Facilitation Trainer (CCFT) for their practice setting. Potential applicants are required to complete an application and will be invited to participate in a virtual session, before workshop participation is confirmed.

In-House Training is available for Accredited Centering practice sites only. In addition to the individual's requirements, the practice site will be required to purchase an In-House training license. The CHI Certification Coordinator will walk you through this process after your application has been submitted.

You must have a login for a Centering Practice Site to complete a purchase. Please log in or take a Readiness Assessment.

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