A Better Healthcare Experience

Centering group care delivers better health outcomes and a better care experience for patients and their providers

Centering empowers patients, strengthens patient-provider relationships, and builds communities through these three main components

Both provider and patient are involved in the health assessment. Patients receive one-on-one time with their provider and learn to take some of their own assessments. This engages them in their own self-care or care of their child.

Engaging activities and facilitated discussions help patients to be more informed, confident and empowered to make healthier choices for themselves, their children and their families.

One person’s question is another one’s question. Patients quickly find comfort in knowing they are not alone. Participation in group care lessens the feelings of isolation and stress while building friendships, community and support systems.

Centering Healthcare Institute is Here to Help Your Centering Practice Thrive


Facilitation is the foundation of Centering groups. Our trainings provide guidance on facilitating group discussion, engaging patients in their own care, and the Essential Elements of Centering.

Implementation Support & Consultation

Our Centering Consultants support you throughout the lifecycle - from building a Steering Committee, to starting Centering groups, to evaluating your impact.

Policy & Advocacy

When healthcare providers seek to transform healthcare through innovations like Centering, they may face barriers such as productivity measures and reimbursement. We engage policy-makers and health plans on issues such as enhanced reimbursement to address some of the challenges.

Group Supplies & Materials

We’ve created materials and guides for you to successfully promote and lead your Centering groups.

How We Work

Readiness Assessment

This is the first step for providers interested in starting Centering. This assessment covers patient and provider volume, group space, and institutional support for Centering.

Centering Implementation Plan

The Centering Implementation Plan pairs practices with a Centering Consultant to help them establish an impactful, sustainable Centering practice.

Centering Accreditation

Accreditation is a quality assurance and improvement milestone that provides practices with expertise and support to strengthen Centering and give your practice a competitive edge.

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